Yellow Bittern, Christmas Island

November 15, 2010 — December 1, 2010

This bird blew in on a bad storm in mid-November. It was found out on a track at Northwest Point near the detention centre. It was taken to Parks on the Monday, I got the shots on the Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon was informed that it has passed away at lunch time. We weighed it – it was only 52g.

 Poss juv Yellow Bittern, Christmas Island  Christmas Island December 2010

I was hosting one of our regular Christmas Island Bird Tours on the 29th of November with some guests. This time of year I carry my camera with me because you just dont know what might be around. I was lucky and got this falcon just as we were about to turn bak to the car. It was chasing a booby bird and then was happy just gliding around.

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Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) 1 Poss juv, Christmas Is.



Simon Mustoe on December 8, 2010 about Yellow Bittern, Christmas Island

Just a quick bit of advice - if you create an experience and add it to a new trip, it'll appear in your page style ie. Island Explorer Holidays. In this one, you added an experience to one that someone else produced ... so it is in the Bird-O style. S.

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